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2010 WS Top 100

Rank#/ WS Rating / Price / Name 11 96 $48 Mount Eden Vineyards Chardonnay Santa Cruz Mountains 2006 21 95 $60 Ridge Chardonnay Santa Cruz Mountains Monte Bello 2006 我沒有這兩隻,但這兩個酒莊已經不是第一次入榜了,只能說 Santa Cruz Mountains 的 Chardonnay 真的讚! 不過之前在美國的時候買了 Mount Eden Vineyards Santa Cruz Mountains Chardonnay 2005 (WS: 93) Ridge Estate Santa Cruz Mountains Chardonnay 2007 (WS: …

眼殘對話 XD

A3l 蘋小果 星 說:  *xd  *阿 現在才看到 原來你寫的是 怒火攻心  *早上匆匆忙忙看到 以為你.. 慾火攻心 還驚了一下 zzzzzz Phanix@怒火攻心 說:  *……………  *你糟糕了 A3l 蘋小果 星 說:  *就說我剛睡醒 睡過頭趕著出門阿 Phanix@怒火攻心 說:  *糟糕話就直說吧 A3l 蘋小果 星 說:  *xdxd  *我還想說 P大最近還蠻糟糕的耶 Phanix@怒火攻心 說:  *A3l-awfulized

OMG, the bad traffic

I think I am not patient in the traffic jam. This afternoon, after finishing my proposal this morning, I have to go to Taipei for picking up some official document and attending some short meeting. This is also my 1st time to take 內湖 line MRT, I think it is not as good as the …