Local Wine Tasting — XIX

@Vino Prima, a “local” wine shop, but not “local” (santa cruz mountain area) wines.

It is an occaional chance to visit Vino Prima. The last time I visited Vino Cruz, one madam, Karen, told me about this wine shop, which located at the end of the wharf. I seldom go to the wharf, because the chilly wind always makes me uncomfortable.

The wines today are all from Otter Cove Winery, and the owner and wine maker Richard Oh is also at Vino Prima. Richard Oh is an interesting guy, and he is a “半路出家” winemaker. But the wines from Otter Cove are really something.

Otter Cove 2006 Chardonnay: Very fruity, litchi and peach, and very sweet aroma. But, the taste is dry and chewy, with vanilla hint and good acidity.

Otter Cove 2006 Pinot Noir: Apparent strawberries aroma. And spices. Tannins are smooth, and black pepper flavor goes with this velvet mouthfeel.

Otter Cove 2006 Balo Vineyards Pinot Noir: Very great and complex Pinot Noir. Cherry and black berry. The mouthfeel is as good as previous one. But the palate is more complex, starts with a short berry sweet, follows black pepper and cinnamon spices and ends with an acid hint of lemon.

Otter Cove 2006 Riesling: It’s so weird to serve Riesling after reds. However, after drinking it, I realize this after dry Riesling is proper to be served after the previous reds. Apple, lemon and a hint of litchi. Start with sweet and clean taste, but end with dry mouthfeel.

In general, these wines are fruity in aromas as normal California wines, but the tastes are very special. (y) Besides, a California Riesling is rare.


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