Albert Bichot Chassagne-Montrachet 1er Vide Bourse


Medium lemon. Medium+ nose of lemon, grapefruit, mineral smell of metal and riverside pebbles, butter, vanilla, apricot, charming white flower bouquet (like acacia), spicy herb, and a very light note of green leaves.

Medium body, high acidity, very very lingering, medium alc. In general, thinner than Puligny-Montrachet (as expectation). Need more aging to reach its peak, and can keep for 10 yrs.

SY rating: 18.5/20

Vide Bourse is alongside the southeast border of Batard-Montrachet Grand cru, slope is south to west facing. Other neighbor climats are village climats, so this premier is quite “isolated”. Chassagny-Montrachet is more stony and sandy than Puligny-Montrachet (has more clay and alluvium), so that the body or Chassagny white is a bit thinner. Although Vide Bourse is next to Batard-Montrachet, personally think the style of this Albert Bichot is more similar to Criots Batard-Montrachet.


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