Brovia Tasting

2013/06/02 (?)


Brovia Barbera d’Alba “Sori’ del Drago” 2010

Barbera d'Alba Sori' del Drago
Deep ruby with purple rim. Medium intensity nose with savory meat, black pepper, red fruit candy flavors.

Medium body, medium- in tannin, alcohol, length and intensity, high acidity. Still in the maturing stage. Leather, chocolate and black berry on the palate, with black pepper note.

Brovia Barolo “Villero” 2008

Barolo Villero
Medum ruby. Medium intensity nose with pomegranate, flower, dried tea leaves, and truffle note.

High in tannin (very young) and acidity. Medium body and alcohol. Medium+ intensity of cranberry, flower, and tea. Long length. Maturing, very young.

Brovia Barolo “Garblet Sue” 2008

Barolo Garblet Sue
Medium ruby (a bit deeper than “Villero”). Medium+ nose with rose petal, unripe plum, leather, dark fruits, truffle, savory, and underneath floral.

Medium+ body and intensity. Palate shows plum, tar, rose floral and a bit leather. High tannin and acidity. Medium alcohol. Long length. Very young.

Shows stronger style than “Villero”.

Brovia Barolo “Roche” 2008

Barolo Roche
Medium ruby. Rose petal, soy sauce, pomegranate, incense, and tar note in the medium nose. Still in the maturing stage.

Medium in body and alcohol. Young and high tannin (a bit rougher than “Garblet Sue”). High acidity and medium+ intensity flavors on the palate. Plum, clove, wooden spices. Lingering length.

Brovia Barolo “Ca’ Mia” 2008

Barolo Ca' Mia
Medium ruby with purple rim. Red cherry, black berry, rose, flower powder, plum, and tar note.

Medium body. High tannin (very young) and acidity. Medium+ alcohol and flavor intensity. Palate is predominated by the fruity of cranberry and black cherry. Some old wood and shiitake flavors are also shown. Lingering length.


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