Caymus Napa Valley 2013 Cabernet Sauvignon



Deep purple. Pronounced nose, with aromas of black berry, black cherry, blue berry, vanilla, butter, popcorn, oak, hazelnut, a hint of green bell pepper, humus, dark chocolate, and some leather note. Very youthful.

Pronounced intensity on palate, with high tannin (very well structure), medium(+) acidity, high alcohol, full body. Flavors contain ripe black fruits, vanilla, hazelnut, popcorn, oak, leather, creamy chocolate, floral bouquet, and light humus.

Very Napa wine, can drink now (well, strictly speaking, a bit too early so that it’s a bit boring to drink now), and still has good aging potential (about 10 years to reach its peak).

SY Rating: 18.5/20


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