Domaine Faiveley Mercurey Premier Cru “Clos des Myglands”, Domaine de la Framboisiere


Like a jug wine at the beginning, that make me ponder it’s a garbage. However, after 30 mins breathing, it’s worth more than USD$40.

Medium- ruby/garnet.

Medium nose. A bit alcohol nose at the beginning, but scatters quickly. Raspberry, strawberry, wet soil, rose petals, light leather and juniper. After 30 mins breathing, attractive bouquet, honey hint, light chocolate, and light hazelnut.

The palate is medium with good, lingering, and medium+ acidity. Black mushroom, wet wood, leather, black berry, soil. Shows emblematic Bourgogne style of wet, grass, forest and elegant bouquet notes.

BTW, the name, “Domaine de la Framboisiere” is a new label of Domaine Faiveley, all Chalonnaise wines of Domaine Faiveley are now selling under this new label. Besides, the premier cru “Clos des Myglands”, which means “my land” in English, is a monopole of Domaine Faiveley.


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