Frequent Errors and Noticeable Settings in TWiki Configuration Check



  • Path setting
  • Security
    • {UseClientSession}
      • Need CGI::Session perl module
    • {LoginManager}
      • Default is “none”, and “TemplateLogin” is recommended
    • {PasswordManager}
      • “HtPasswdUser”
      • If you use “ApacheHtPasswdUser”, you need another perl module, Apache::Htpasswd
    • {AllowLoginName}
  • Log Files
    • If you find that no write permission for the log files, go back and check the settings in cygwin and windows
  • Localisation
    • {Locale}
      • zh_TW.UTF-8
    • {CharSet}
      • UTF-8
    • {Lang}
      • zh
    • {FullLang}
      • zh-TW
  • Mail and Proxies
    • {WebMasterEmail}
    • {MAILHOST}?

Finally, click “Next” to finish. If this is the first time to visit configure page, set the password.

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