House of Representative reject the bailout!!

So, the Dow Jones Industrial plunged 777 today!!!

Well, here is not Las Vegas, so no tokens for the “777”. XD

$700 billion is really a large number. Without this bailout, some financial institutions may have a hard time in the near future, and some investors may suffer losses. If the bailout is not rejected, whole citizens have to “share” the $700 billion debt.

As my opinion, the government and the whole citizens do not take the responsibility to “share” the risk of the financial institutions and investors. Let alone what these institutions and investors do are highly risky investments. So, why not let the money to be shuffled?

Besides, I also think that this rejection is very important to the two President candidates, Obama and McCain. Obama said he was inclined to support the bill that failed today, but McCain had the opposite standpoint to Obama. From the result of voting, it seems that McCain’s viewpoint has more supports.

However, the huge hole of US finance is still a problem.

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