Italian Pinot Nero Tasting

2011/1/15, @孔雀

Tenuta Beltrame 2009 Pinot Nero I.G.T.

Tenuta Beltrame is located in Friuli wine region. Wine maker is Cristian Beltrame. Harvest manually at the end of August.

Medium ruby. Medium nose with raspberry and ripe black fruits (such as black berry and blue berry, quite a warm climate Pinot Noir). Nose also shows grass, light barrel, fruit candy, leather, humus.

Medium+ acidity, and medium palate flavor intensity with black cherry, aged smoky ham, pepper, grass, and soil. Length is medium. A bit alcohol feel (14+%!). Quite a enthusiastic pinot nero, but the elegance is a bit inadequate.

SY Rating: 16/20

Anselmi Giuseppe e Luigi 2009 Pinot Nero, Friuli Latisana DOC

Friuli Latisana DOC is a pinot gris major wine region. Pinot nero here is also a DOC region, but the production is less than pinot gris.

Harvest at mid October, quite late. Fermentation and aging in stainless. Medium+ garnet with ruby rim. Medium+ nose with red berry, a bit black berry, and green pepper notes.

Medim+ acidity, medium tannin. The palate has black cherry, red berry fruits, light leather, and light black pepper. The length is medium. However, the green vegetable note is a minus which always catch my attention.

SY Rating: 15.5/20

Muri Gries 2009 Blauburgunder, Trentino-Alto Adige/Südtirol DOC

Blauburgunder is pinot nero in Alto Adige region. Muri Gries winery was a abbey established 1111. This wine is from Bolzano region, fermented in stainless for 10 days, and then in old barrel for more than 5 months.

Medium- garnet with ruby hue. Medium nose with red berry, black cherry, coffee, and light floral.

The medium acidity palate goes with floral perfume, chili pepper skin, and berry fruits. Almost a light body wine. Medium length. An easy to drink pinot nero.

SY Rating: 16.5/20

Muri Gries 2008 Blaubrugunder Riserva “Abtei Muri”, Trentino-Alto Adige/Südtirol DOC

Medium garnet. Milky, smoky, spices, licorice, floral, caramel, strawberry, and black cherry.

Medium+ acidity. Lingering length. Medium body. Although an oak-rich pinot nero, it’s definitely delicious.

SY Rating: 18/20

Travaglino 2009 Pinot Nero “Pernero”, Pinot Nero dell’Oltrepò Pavese D.O.C., Lombardia

Pernero means “for black”. This pinot nero is harvest in early September. Actually, Travaglino is a good producer for Oltrepò Pavese Metodo Classico DOCG sparkling wines. Their pinot nero wines are also good.

Medium garnet with ruby rim. Raspberry, strawberry, vanilla, chocolate, dry grass, light eucalyptus note, and fruit candy. Medium length and medium+ acidity.

SY Rating: 17/20

Travaglino 2006 Pinot Nero “Poggio della Buttinera Riserva”, Pinot Nero dell’Oltrepò Pavese D.O.C., Lombardia

Aging in Cherry and Allier barrel for 15 months.

Raisin, coffee, caramel, light floral bouquet, light bell pepper, light green pepper, grass, herbs, leather, old wood, and nice matured nose like light pickled squash.

Medium+ acidity, long length.

SY Rating: 18.5/20

Castello di Magione, Nero Cavalieri 2007, Umbria I.G.T.

Medium+ garnet. Pronounced nose, light bouquet, nuts, berry jams, leather, tobacco, and wet soil. Too warm and enthusiastic style, hard to believe it’s a pinot nero.

Medium+ body, medium length, medium+ tannin (not so smooth).

SY Rating: 17/20

Marchesi Antinori 2007 Castello della Sala Pinot Nero Umbria IGT

Antinori family bought Castello della Sala in 1518, total 483 hectares. This pinot nero is aging in barrel for 8 months, and 15 months in bottle.

Medium+ garnet. Light vanilla, caramel, coffee, black berry, leather, tobacco, black pepper, and raspberry.

Almost a a full body pinot nero, medium+ length.

SY Rating: 17.5/20


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