Lunar New Year’s Eve Dinner

This is my 1st time to have Lunar New Year’s Eve Dinner out of Taiwan and without my family.

Due to my stay in US, this is my 1st experience to have Lunar New Year out of Taiwan and without my family. Well, also my 1st time to cook the Lunar New Year’s Eve dinner by myself. 😛

Because I cook only for myself here, I usually make meals in a simple way, and this dinner is not an exception. So, I had seafood milky pasta, stewed meat and green tea. Besides, serving myself with two white wines, one is a Sauvignon Blanc and the other one is a *GREAT* Chardonnay (I will introduce them in the future).

R0015103 (by Phanix)

R0015104 (by Phanix)

After calling my parents to say happy new year and before having my dinner, I called *the beauty* who was just waiting for boarding (having a trip w/ her family). She said my cuisine is totally not a Chinese style and laughed at why I had two white wines. XD

Anyway, 新年快樂。


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