M. Chapoutier 北隆河品酒會

2010/11/12 @孔雀. But I can with nitrogen.

Chante-Alouette Hermitage 1998

I guess this is a blending of Marrsanne and Roussanne.

Medium- blonde. Honey, maple sugar and bouquet with dry starfruit and light mineral hints.

Light body with slightly chewy mouthfeel. Short maple sugar at the beginning, then honey and dry fruit. At then end, shows the citrus acidity.

Emitage 1996 Le Pavillon

Medium garnet with brick rim.

Anise and licorice. Blackpepper. pickled squash. Wood. Chocolate.

Medium-high acidity. Plum, black pepper, wood, and light bouquet. Elegant palate with well structure body.

Cote Rotie 1996 La Mordore

Medium garnet.

vegetable, chocolate and leather. With black cherry hint.

Plum, blackpepper, cinnamon. Almost at the end of peak, but still shows the good structure.


Crozes-Hermitage 1995 Les Varonniers

Medium garnet, slightly brick hue.

Plum, light pickled squash, light chocolate, light leather.

Plum, wood, cherry, spices and light chocolate.

Crozes-Hermitage 1996 Les Varonniers

Medium garnet, slightly brick hue.

Similar to 1995 vintage. But with some more plastic pipe(light, at the beginning), wood, rose, and sweet black cherry in nose and palate, but less lether and aged pickled squash aromas.


Hermitage 1998 La Sizeranne

Medium garnet, brown rim.

coffee, black pepper, pickled squash, leather, with tea leaves hint.

The palate is quite similar to nose. Medium+ acidity.

Gigondas 1998

Medium garnet, light brwon rim.

Sweet pomegranate, black cherry, light bouquet, pickled squash, mint.



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