Margaux 1994 + Palmer 1995



Alter Ego 2008

Deep ruby/purple at the center, and has a ruby rim.

Clean nose with pronounced flavors of black currant, light green pepper and eucalyptus leaves, wet soil, black pepper, light hazelnut, light red flowers, and black chocolate.

Body, acidity, tannin, and alcohol are all medium. Medium+ intensity with ripe black berry, and light licorice flavors. Long length.

Alter Ego 2009

Too young. Very fruity. Black cherry, chocolate, milky, creamy, light mint, black pepper and light flower nose. High tannin, medium acidity, full body, high alcohol, high intensity of flavors, and long length. Keep for 5 years at least.

Ch. Palmer 1995

Medium+ garnet/ruby. Medium+ nose. A bit bad smell at the beginning, but disappears quickly. Medium+ intensity nose of plum, leather, old wood, a bit pickled squash, light goose berry, and caramelized coffee bean flavors. Medium+ in tannin, body, acidity and intensity. Alcohol is medium. The palate aromas include burned wood, toffee, leather, black berry, and cinnamon. Long length (although the palate has a drop quickly, still lasts long).

Ch. Margaux 1994

Medium+ garnet. Medium+ nose. Black berry, green pepper, flower, black currant, gravel, grass garden (flower hint), dry tangerine skin, rose petal, clove, and Cafe Americano. Medium in tannin, acidity, and alcohol. Medium+ in intensity and body. Flower, coffee, cocoa, a bit honey, and herb juice tea(青草茶).
Compare to 95′, 94′ vintage is not that good. But this Margaux 94′ has a better mouthfeel of velvet tannin and more lingering length on palate.


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