Montsant and Cava Tasting




CAVA el Mas Ferrer Shiena CAVA Brut 2011

pale lemon color. Fruity and straight forward style. Medium+ acidity, medium+ length. Good with starter dishes.

SY rating: 15.5/20

CAVA el Mas Ferrer CAVA Gran Reserva Segle XXI 21 2008

“Segle XXI 21” means “21th century”. The other coincidence is that, Mas Ferrer was established in 1987, and 2008 is its 21th anniversary.

30 months aging in the 2nd fermentation makes this cava has a champagne-like style — yeast, butter, toast, and rich. The fresh fruity is less than Shiena, but stronger body and more intense flavors. Long length with crisp high acidity.

SY rating: 18/20

Laurona Blanc 2012

Actually, should rectify this wine’s name. I think “blanc de noir” is more proper, because this is made from “Garnacha Tinta” grapes (some documents show that Garnacha Tinta is a bit different from Garnacha, but some documents say they are the same).

Black cherry note, coffee note, a bit oily mouthfeel, a bit tannin mouthfeel, flower, pear, medium+ acidity, long length. Very interesting wine from Montsant D.O.

SY rating: 17/20

Charmian Negre 2010

Fruity style. Distinct flavors of black berry jam and fruit candies (well presents Grenache characteristics, but in a stronger style, compare with Cote du Rhone), with notes of chocolate, light floral, leather, licorice, and cinnamon.

SY rating: 16/20

Charmian Grenache Old Vines 2007

Denser and more complex version of Charmian Negre. Intense flavors of black berry, black cherry, wet soil with withered leaves, and flowers. Lingering length, and intense.

SY rating: 18/20

Laurona 2007

Typical Cabernet Sauvignon black currant flavor, with some black cherry and aromas of leather, black pepper, and cinnamon. Has stony mineral and dry soil.
If comparing with Charmian old vines, Laurona 07′ is less floral, more green grass, and more fruity.
Personally think 07′ vintage is a bit behind 06′ vintage, probably needs more aging to unveil its potential.

SY rating: 17/20

Laurona 6 Vinyes de Laurona 06′ Crianza

Tannic, full body, and well-structured Garnacha. After three hours breathing, it’s still the same, black cherry, leather, and fruit candy. Can age for 10+ years.

SY rating: 18/20


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