Napa Valley — II

Photos here~~

Two Hearts in Cliff Lede Winery (artist: Jim Dine)
R0015559 (by Phanix)



The classical view of Robert Mondavi Winery
R0015574 (by Phanix)

R0015585 (by Phanix)

One flower in Robert Mondavi Winery, the light break the dark and shed on the flower, I love this one.
R0015589 (by Phanix)



Flying LED-lit books, in San Francisco North Beach area. (artists: Dorka Keehn and Brian Goggin)
R0015605 (by Phanix)
more about Flying LED-lit books



Dinner at The Stinking Rose, an Italian restaurant, a lot of garlic! They have an interesting slogan — “We season our garlic with food”. Well, a great dining place.
R0015609 (by Phanix)

R0015612 (by Phanix)

R0015616 (by Phanix)


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