Nebbiolo of different maturation processes

2015/07/08, @wutong

Viberti langhe nebbiolo 2012


Medium ruby, medium nose intensity, young maturity. Aromas have red cherry, leather, light cream, and light tart. Medium body, high tannin, medium alchole. Flavors have red cherry, cranberry, orange, and light tart. Has a few complexity, and the finish is long.
Can drink now, and not too much aging potential, should consume in 3 years. Overall, it’s giod quality, due to the typicity, well balanced between flavors, acidity, and alchole.

SY rating: 16.5/20

Vietti Barbaresco 2009 Masseria


Mostly new oak barrel maturation.
Medium(-) garnet. The nose is developing, and the intensity is medium. It has rose, cranberry, cream, and oak aromas. Developing. The body is medium, tannin is high and not yet matured, acidity is high. The flavors have coffee, cranberry, truffle, and cream. The finish is very complicated, and long length. Can drink now, and has aging potential, will be better after 5 years. The quality is premium, because it shows the typicity of Barbaresco, well balanced, good in length and complexity, and has aging potential.

SY rating: 18/20

Ceretto Barbatesco Bernardot 2008


Half half new and old barrel maturation
Medium garnet, with ruby hue. The nose intensity is medium, and developing. Nose has licorice, cranberry, light black berry, soil, and dry date. The body is medium, and high in acidity and tannin. The finish is long and high complexity. Flavors hav3 dry date, licorice, and cocoa. Can drink now, and has aging potential, will be better after 5 years. The quality is premium, because the complexity, long length, well balanced, typicity, and good aging potential.

SY rating: 18.5/20

Mauro Molino Barolo 2007 Vigna Conca


Mostly new oak maturing process
Medium garnet, ruby hue. Medium nose intensity, still developing. Aromas have cranberry, truffle, light dry red fruit, moss, caramel, rose, and light balsamic. The body is medium, and high in tann8n and acidity, high alchole. Flavors have cranberry, red cherry, rose, and truffle. The finish is long and very complexed. Can drink now, and has aging potential, will be better after 7 years. A premium wine with good structurr, well balanced, good complexity, long length and good aging potential.

SY rating: 19/20

Cagliero Barolo 2007 Ravera


A mix of new and old barel maturation process
Medium intensity of garnet color. Medium intensity nose, with aromas of cranberry, tart, coffee, rose, black cherry note, licorice, and light truffle. Developing.
The palate has high tannin, high acidity, and medium body. The flavors cover black berry, tart, incense, and rose. The alchole is medium(+). The finish is long, and very complex. Can drink now, has some aging potential (3~5 yrs).
Overall is a premium wine, well balanced, complex flavors, long finish, and very typical style.

SY rating: 18/20

Viberti Barolo 2009 Buon Padre


Old barrel maturation process.
Medium intensity of ruby color. Medium intensity nise, with flavors of cramberry, light strawberry jam, black berry, tart, leather, meat, and incense. Still developing. The palate is medium body, high in tannin and acidity. Flavor is medium intensity, covers cran berry, meat, incense, and tart. The finish os long, very complex. Can drink now, has aging potential for more than 10 years.
Overall is a premium Batolo, which shows the typicity of traditional style, well balanced, good structured, long length, good complexity.

SY rating: 19/20


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