NV Andre Clouet Grande Reserve Brut, Champagne, France

NV Andre Clouet Grande Reserve Brut, Champagne, France

The appearance is clear, the color is medium+ gold. A lot of small bubbles with very creamy texture.
The nose is clean, and the intensity is pronounced. The nose is dominated by yeast category aromas due to the second fermentation in bottles, such as toast and yogurt. There are also some citrus fruity nose, just like lemon zest, and some black cherry note. Should be a lot of Pinot in it (after checking the data, this is a 100% Pinot Noir blanc de noirs, grapes from Bouzy and Ambonnay).

The palate has medium+ body, high acidity, medium+ body, long length with very complicated flavors and good structure and finish. The dry palate is balanced by the rich flavors of yeast hydrolysis in the second fermentation, and citrus flavors. However, the fruity flavors drop a bit quicker than the yeast and creamy flavors, and a bit bitterness can be sensed at the end of the palate.

SY rating: 17.5/20


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