Pink Godzilla

While I was walking on the kurb and looking for Verve Coffee in the afternoon a few days ago, I noticed this Japanese sushi bar and decided to have dinner there.


The price is $18.xx for my fresh fish set. It contains 6 nigiri, 14 pieces of sashimi, 3 cucumber rolls and 3 tuna rolls. Sounds good, right? But, actually I am a little disappointed.

The first problem is the temperature. It is a little bit higher than regular sushi. Probably 3-5 degrees higher. Well, if you just have the maki rolls, it is not easy to be aware of the temperature difference.

The second problem is the process and portion of fish. For the process, on the salmon sashimi, I find it still has a little bit skin. Besides, the direction of knife cutting is not good, so I can not see much “fat texture” on the salmon and tuna. For the portion problem, I think the salmon is close to the tail part, and the tuna is close to the back which is good for a tuna roll, but not suit for a tuna nigiri. In addition, I doubt the fishes are not very fresh, or freezed throughly for a few hours, because the mouthfeel is “soft” not “chewy” and the flavors of fresh fishes can not be found here.

The final problem is the rice, but not a big problem. A little bit warm and wet.

Even though the price is inexpensive, I think I probably do not visit Pink Godzilla again, at least not for raw fish dishes.


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