Strikes of UC system

Very inconvenient =________=#

Today is the UC system strike day, and it seems that there are strike activities in all school of UC system. The reason is the service workers of UC system are not satisfied with their salary (well, I think nobody is satisfied XD ).

It is interesting to see the strike out of Taiwan. Humm… more peaceful and more interesting, because they just raise signs, walk, shout and sing.

Strike of UC system (by Phanix)

Strike of UC system (by Phanix)

Strike of UC system (by Phanix)

However, due to this strike block the entrance of campus, the Metro Bus can not enter the campus, similar to July 4th!!! The good news is today is not a holiday, so one the other guy and I thumb up to request a pick up drive. And luckily, one young mother stops and pick us up to the downtown. 😀

The follow picture is announcement about the possible transportation impact by the strike.
Strike of UC system (by Phanix)

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