Universal Studio

I think it is a typical American playground, but it is still worth to visit it!!

In my opinion, if you want to visit Universal Studio and have a great time in it, you better arrive the entrance as early as possible. Beside of the tutorial of Universal Studio, they have many shows related to movie industries more or less. The most important reason is these shows are interesting and fabulous, so, if you want to watch all of them, you have to be an early bird.

There are also some cute shops selling postcards and remembrance, and I brought a hand link as a gift and some good postcards.

_MG_3616 (by Phanix)

_MG_3620 (by Phanix)

Little girl in Universal Studio
_MG_3637 (by Phanix)

After the day of Universal Studio, having dinner and walking around nearby is a good idea. Out of Universal Studio is Universal City, and there are many good restaurants and shops. The most impressive thing I saw there is a painter, who only used spray paints, paper, and tissue paper for painting. Although that does not smell good, I still have to say his works is really good!!

R0013807 (by Phanix)


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