Wines in Wine Appreciation

Last night I participated a wine aprreciation course, the notes of the course are still under organization, and I would like to list the quick notes of wines tasted in this course first.


Prinz von Hessen 2005 Riesling Qualitatswein

Flower, slight apple, honey, grass and hints of nut. A little acidity with citrus in palate.

Lequin-Colin 2006 Bourgogne Rouge

Well, a Pinot Noir. Tasted with Burgundy glass. Cherry and black berries, and an elegant clove aroma. Floral.

Foxglove 2007 Chardonnay

Slight creamy and oak. Citrus in nose and palate, slightly acid mouthfeel.

Bartali “Ducceto” 2006 Chianti

Sangiovese, exactly. High tone spicy shed out from black currant and black berry aromas. A little acid in mouth.

Mas Malbec (I forget the vintage)

Comparet to the previous one, it has a lower tone black currant aroma. Tannins are still young, so the mouthfeel is a little harsh.

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