Yarden 2000 Galilee Cabernet Sauvignon

Oh~~ My God~~~~~~~!

R0017239 (by Phanix)

Some friends recommend me this Israel wine label a few months ago, so I eventually bought one Cabernet Sauvignon for tasting.

Yarden is one label of Golan Heights Winery, and the grapes are from the vineyard in Galilee. The weather in Galilee is high rainfall and mild temperature, but you can also find high mountains there.

The aroma is so dense and concentrated. I can smell black berries while pouring. Wet grass and soil, oak, chocolate, flowers, fig and dried Chinese mushrooms. The tastes begin with black cherry, acidity of tangerines, and big tannin. The tannin is powerful and supple. The palate turns from light acid into berry sweet, cinnamon and hint of licorice. Ready to drink now, and still can keep it for a few years.

The other interesting thing is this wine uses paraffin to seal the bottle.

Honestly, this wine is really great for its less than NT$800 price, I think it’s great to share with friends.


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