July 4th in Santa Cruz

Well, I expect thater are some celebration activities here.

Actually, when I wake up in the chilly morning and finish the phone call and msn messaging w/ *THE GIRL*, I have a laid-back breakfast. Then, I think it's time to pick up my GX100 and backpack to downtown for July-4th celebration seeing. Besides, I also plan to visit Capitola (the town beside Santa Cruz).

However, when I get to the bus stop, I just see an arresting announcement there -- NO METRO BUS SERVICE TODAY!!!!! The good (?) news is the campus shuttle bus still operates today, and it extends the service area to the downtown. OK, just walk to the entrance of UCSC (about 20 mins... stO), and take the shuttle bus.

After arriving downtown, I am a little bit disappointed that the activities in downtown are not so many. 🙁   People just walk, have meals, skate, etc. as a normal holiday. Some other people take Highway 17 Express from San Jose are also disappointed, because it takes much time to arrive beach for surfing or swimming w/o metro bus.

Take things as they come, so I just have a Japanese lunch, includes Maguro Don (raw tuna), Sake Nigiri (Salmon) and Ikura (Salmon roe). Then, have a "Berry Berry Berry Good" in Cold Stone. Well, it's very unexpected and weird that my 1st experience of Cold Stone is in US, not in Taiwan.

After that, I just walk around in the campus, from the Baskin Engineering Building and Science Hall, through Kerr Hall and College 8 & 9. Finally, back to FSH. 🙂 The following are the pictures I took along the way.