Current Espresso System

Almost finish setting up... 😀

R0013720 (by Phanix)

Last week, I bought a second-hand espresso machine to replace the old American Coffee Maker. In these days, I went to downtown and bought a tamper and a frother.

Although it it not as good as using steam frothing, the froth made by the frother is acceptable. And the espresso is very good after I tamp the coffee powder in the filter. 😀 The follow pic is the two shots coffee powder after extraction.
R0013721 (by Phanix)

And this is my espresso machine, it also contains two another filters, an one shot and an pod size.
R0013725 (by Phanix)
R0013726 (by Phanix)

Espresso Latte in Kyoto Mug.
R0013718 (by Phanix)

It's really nice to have a cup of espresso-based coffee in the chilly morning. To celebrate the setting of my espresso system, I change my blog logo to an image of the fringe of the Kyoto mug with coffee stains and sun light. 😀

Well, how about the old American Coffee Maker? I may sell it on the Internet. :Q