CSI:MIAMI @ Long Beach

"Maybe they have CSI:Long Beach in Miami someday in the future." XD

_MG_4158 (by Phanix)

CSI is a famous series in US, and I know some of my friends in Taiwan like this series. Well, it is about police and crime, and it has many series, such as CSI:NY and CSI:Miami.

During my trip to L.A., one day I visited Long Beach, a county located in south L.A., I walked around there and took pictures with my camera. Suddenly, I heard somebody shouted out, "Cut! Cut! Hey, guy, you are in the show! You should not be here!"

I confused and looked around, and found that, "Wao~ Why so many fashion-dressing people, big microphones, and big film cameras?!"

Oh~ I ran into the filming area of CSI:Miami!!!

The story I saw is about a man and a woman robbed a baby from another woman, and many other actors are onlookers observing the whole progress.

_MG_4133 (by Phanix)

_MG_4112 (by Phanix)

_MG_4108 (by Phanix)

_MG_4104 (by Phanix)

Well, I stayed there watching this scene repeated many times to meet the director's requirements, and chatted with another of the crowded.

"So, it is CSI:Miami?", I said.
"Yes!", the other one replied.
"But, here is Long Beach!"
"Oh, today, here is Miami", replied again.
"O.K. Maybe they have CSI:Long Beach in Miami someday in the future." *both laughed*