Crystal Cathedal

If you want to be rich, start a business, and a church or a temple is a good idea. XD

Before I planned to visit L.A., Crystal Cathedal(official site and wikipedia) is not on my "list". On the day before depart, I saw some information about it from Internet. Then I tried to find more, well, some information is gossipping. And finally, I decided to add it into my list.

This church is famous because of its special building -- glass and steel structure. Besides, it is very large, not only the size of the building, also the area size and the amount of followers. From the offical data, there are about 3,000 seats, besides, it also has live broadcasting of religious services on TV and on Internet!! Moreover, it has 3 religious services on Sun., English in the morning, Spanish in the afternoon, and the last one is the night time religious service.

Crystal Cathedal is in the Orange County, located in the southeast of L.A. It tooks a lot of time to get there by public transportation (Metro Orange Liner, Red Line, Blue Line, and Orange County Bus), because I lived near North Hollywood, northwest of L.A.

You can find Crystal Cathedal from a distance due to its high building, that's also my first impression. When you close to it, you can find it is REALLY HUGE, and the reflection of sunlight makes it more splendid. Just feel easy to walk in and take a seat and look around, you will find the set of organs, and the sunlight becomes soft and warm. Maybe you are the same to me, have no idea about Spanish, but you will not feel the service likes spouting. The atmosphere just calms down your tumult, and peace instead.

There are also some buildings in this area, and each is beautiful and great. Beside of these buildings, you definitely agree this is a beautiful park after walking around this area. I am neither a Catholic nor a Christian, but I still recommend Crystal Cathedal as a sightview point in L.A. if you have enough time.

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