Coffee in Seattle

I think the drinks of Tully's and SBC are much better than what Starbucks supplies.

Last month, I visited Seattle and met wangys and his wife there. Seattle is an impressive city, you can easily find a lot of trees and fall in love with the fresh air there. Besides, Seattle is also the city of coffee in US. As a coffeholic, it must be a high priority to visit a coffee shop in Seattle, and so did I. Thus, I do not talk about the beautiful city in this article, but the coffee shops instead.

In Pike Market Place, most travelers visit the 1st store of Starbucks, which is the largest coffee retailer of the world. The 1st shop, an old style building on Pike street, keeps the 1st generation brown color logo. While walking in, the history of Starbucks comes to you with the smell of coffee. However, it is a sightseeing spot rather than a coffee shop, because of its historical meaning and value, and also due to that most visitors come here just for photo-taking and memorials shopping.

Many people said that the coffee of Seattle's Best Coffee is REALLY the BEST among all coffee retailers in Seattle. In Santa Cruz, there is a SBC shop in downtown, and I'd bought drinks there before. Undoubtedly, I have to said that the coffee is really smooth and has great body. Besides, the forth of Latte is also unbelievably smooth, I even wonder that they maybe use some cream in it. XD For Mocha, it shows great combination of cream, milk and espresso.

Tully's is another coffee shop started from Seattle. Tully's is also a spot for Japanese travelers, because there are some Tully's shops in Japan. I ordered a White Chocolate Mocha in the morning before the tour of Central Library. The way Tully's make is a little bit different from SBC, they do not use cream in it, but it still tastes good. Moreover, the coffee beans (I am not sure all or only a part of beans) used in Tully's are Fair Trade.

Although I think the drinks of Starbucks are the last among them, Starbucks undoubtedly gives rise to the mania of coffee all over the world. Besides these 3 retailers, you can find a lot of coffee shops selling drinks, beans or appliances in this green city, in downtown, at sightseeing spots, and even in a small lane.

When you get off the bus, you can find one near the stop.
When you walk on street, you can smell the aroma from pedestrians' to-go cups.
When you need a shot, you can find a shop around the corner.
When you enjoy, mixed-up smells of fresh air and crema make you feel entirely free.