is a news website, the difference from other news provider is that the news of are provided from real people all around the world. Can this model work out in Taiwan?

Here is a short description of

Technology has broken the corporate news monopoly. Digital cameras, camera phones, blogs, and RSS put the tools of the news trade into the hands of the public, and now real news comes from real people everywhere. Now you can demand coverage of the stories you care about—all you need is nowPublic. Here public demand launches investigations. Story Ideas come from people on the ground, insiders, community leaders. Footage comes from eye witnesses, citizen reporters, people close to the real st.

I never knew this site until I received a request mail this morning.


NowPublic is running a news story on starbucks profit down 97% and we’re trying to put together a collection of photos of starbucks. If you're interested in sharing your photo, please follow the links below and feel free to add your own comment as well. Looking forward to seeing your work on the site!

In case you haven't heard of us, is a participatory news website. The requested photos will appear as thumbnails when you follow the link. I'd also encourage you to comment on the article (after following the link) if you have opinions on the topic. It will appear as a comment beneath the article (NOT as a caption to the photo).

In brief, the author on wants to use two photos in my flickr photostream (as the follows). And, here is the news, a bad news of Starbucks. XD

_MG_4711 (by Phanix)   _MG_4705 (by Phanix)

It is really interesting, and let me to think of 鄉民 and the Gossiping discussion group (八卦板) in PTT. I think the information from 鄉民 is really great, quick, powerful and true (well, sometimes is just gossiping), and, now, I am wondering the model like, gathering the information from users to form news, can work out or not in Taiwan...