Local Wine Tasting — II


The 3rd winery is Hunter Hill, I like the scenes and wines there.

Standing at the yard of the wine tasting room, you can see a part of the vineyard, just in front of the yard. Besides, it is really joyful eating, drinking and enjoy the sunlight and fresh air.
R0014759 (by Phanix)

The wines we had include Sauvignon Blanc, Hunter's "Rock 'n' Rhone Blend, Old Vine Zinfandel, Estate Syrah, Pinot Noir, and Vintage Port. The most impressive is the last wine, Vintage Port 2006. This wine tastes naturally sweet, and much smoother than the dessert wine we had in the first winery. The most important is that, while having this wine with BBQ pork steaks and sausage links, you can feel the flower aroma palate and a great marriage with the meats. This wine is also the only one I bought in this wine tasting tour, and I think I must have great time with it and with friends. 🙂

The last stop we visited is Bargetto. The current winemaker Michael Sones is an interesting guy. He was not in the wine industry at the beginning, but a photographer in England instead. However, his many years cruise experience gave him a lot of chance to have wines, and finally he decided to join the wine industry and also got a degree of enology in UC Davis.

The tour guide of this winery also gave us a lot of information of wine making. Here are some video clips, I think that maybe helpful to know wine making. 🙂

I can not remember the actual name of the most impressive wine here, maybe the 2006 Monterey County Gewurztraminer. The reason is not how great it tasted, but the flavors and aromas. The aromas of herbs and flowers make me thinking of beer, and I do not like beer. So...

Beside of this, the wines here, including Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Carbernet Sauvignon, are very good, almost the best of today. Oh, BTW, they have some berry fruit sweet wine, the smell and taste remind me the strawberry wine in Taiwan. 😛

Well, this great day ended after a whole day wine tasting, about 20+ wines or 2 bottles. 🙂