Some differences in Taiwan and Here

The difference experience while dining with the advisor. (not discussing the foods :P)

This Thur., our lab have the 1st group meeting of this quarter. Actually, this is not an offical meeting, more like a dining meeting instead. We had lunch in the students cuisine with the professor. And I found something different from similar scenarios in Taiwan.

In Taiwan, I also had some dining with my advisors or some the other professors. However, the topics during dining are usually started by the "Big", and others started by students sometimes related to research works or errands of lab life. Well, sometimes we had easy topics, but not always.

During Thur. lunch, I was surprised by the chatting topics. Labmates start discussing their Xmas and New Year life, and then turn to the video games played during holidays. Then discussing the joysticks of game machines, especially the motion sensed joysticks. Then the topics turn to xbox, ps3 and wii, then the tips, shopping, housing, and so on. And sometimes the street talks spouted. 😛

Well, the professor just listened, and sometimes interposed with her personal experiences about video games and shopping, and sometimes joked with students. That made me feel the relationship between students and their advisor is very easy, just like friends. Although we can have similar talking topics with professors in Taiwan, that never let me having such easy feeling.

A difference, but magnificent. Hope I can always have such scenarios in the future. 🙂