Wine Tasting@Santa Clara — Part 1

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老實說,很累人的一次 Wine Tasting... 去了五個酒莊,喝了四十多款酒!!因為數量太多,所以挑比較有印象的來寫就好。

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Honestly, this is a *TIRED* Wine Tasting... Five wineries, and more than 40 wines!!! Because tasted too many wines, I just wrote for those impressed me.


1. Hecker Pass Winery

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第一站是來到 Hecker Pass Winery。品嚐的酒有 Blanc de Blanc、Red Velvet、Ruby Zinfandel 2001、Pettie Sirah Select 2002、Quintetto Rosso 2007、Zinfandel 2001、Chianti 2004、Carignane 2000、Pettie Sirah 2004、Dolcetto Rosso、Muscat、Ruby Port、Cream Sherry、Marsala。對,第一個酒莊就 14 款酒,不過間隔很短促,大概是這次參加的人都喝得很快很急吧?

Blanc de Blanc,很年輕的酒,顏色很淡近乎無色,瓜與柑橘香氣並不濃烈,喝起來清爽順口。

Ruby Zinfandel 2001. 漂亮的紅寶石色,邊緣磚紅。黑莓香氣中帶有櫻桃味。絲絨般的丹寧非常順口,且香味餘韻很長。對我來說,它是這酒莊最好的紅酒。而相似的 Zinfandel 2001喝起來就比較辛澀。

Chianti。這應該是我第一次喝 Chianti Wine。雖然 Chianti Wine 是以 Sangiovese 葡萄為主來釀造,但這款喝起來跟之前喝過的 Sangiovese 很不一樣。所以,沒什麼太多意見。夾有草與檸檬的香氣。

Cream Sherry。奶油、奶油、還是奶油。帶有一些核果香很棒。

Ruby Port。比之前喝過的 Port 顏色要來得淡。帶有咖啡與楓糖香味,同時跟高濃度酒精的味道搭配得很好。

Marsala。在加州很少見的酒,也是我第一次喝 Marsala。口感很清爽、甜... 呃,沒意見了。 😛

Muscat。這款半甜酒超棒,我超愛。明顯的甜桃與荔枝味道。夏天冰得涼涼的然後倒在杯子中來喝一定超棒!(Muscat Grapes)

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The first stop is Hecker Pass Winery. Here we had Blanc de Blanc, Red Velvet, Ruby Zinfandel 2001, Pettie Sirah Select 2002, Quintetto Rosso 2007, Zinfandel 2001, Chianti 2004, Carignane 2000, Pettie Sirah 2004, Dolcetto Rosso, Muscat, Ruby Port, Cream Sherry, Marsala. Yes, 14 wines at the 1st winery. Besides, the interval of wines is really short, the reason maybe partners of this tasting trip usually drink quickly.

Blanc de Blanc. Young, colorless, and the melon and citrus aromas are not very dense. Fresh and smooth tastes.

Ruby Zinfandel 2001. Beautiful ruby color, and brick around. Black berry smells with cherry notes. Velvet tannins and lingering finish. For me, this is the best red in this winery. The other similar wine, Zinfandel 2001, is drier and spicier.

Chianti. This may be my first Chianti wine. Although Chianti wine is majorly made by Sangiovese graps, this one tastes very different to other Sangiovese wines I had had. So, not too many comments. With interesting grass and lemon nose.

Cream Sherry. Cream, Cream and Cream. A dessert wine with the hint of nuts is good.

Ruby Port. Lighter color than other Port I had had. Coffee and maple sugar are well balanced with alcohol.

Marsala. Rarely made in California, and also my first Marsala. Besides of fresh and sweet, no comments. 😛

Muscat. I love this semi-sweet wine. Concentrated Sweet peaches and lychees. I think serving it with well chilled in summer time is a great idea. (Muscat Grapes)


2. Fortino Winery

R0015297 (by Phanix)

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Fortino Winery 喝了9款酒,包含 Chardonnay 2007、Carignan 2005、Sangiovese 2005、Cabernet Sauvignon 2005、Almond Champagne、Pomegranate、Extra Dry Champagne、Blending Pomegranate and Extra Dry Champagne、Apricot。

Sangiovese 2005。也是跟之前喝過的有些許不同,香氣比較溫和沒那麼辛嗆,帶有覆盆莓香味。丹寧仍算年輕,如果多個一兩年丹寧順口了,再搭配上香味一定很棒吧...

Cabernet Sauvignon 2005。原本沒有注意年份,但聞到香味就讓我想到之前喝的 Robert Mondavi Cabernet Sauvignon 2005。實在很像,所以我就問侍酒師是不是 05 年份的,然後就被誇獎很厲害 😛  除了很類似的花香(但比較弱)外,還有櫻桃、黑莓、木頭、煙燻香味。

Almond Champagne。近乎透明,氣泡細緻,杏仁香氣濃烈。入口先是氣泡感,然後像是喝礦泉水,最後是杏仁香氣滿滿地在口腔中。

Pomegranate 其實給我的印象並不深刻,而 Extra Dry Champagne 也不像 Almond Champagne 讓我回味無窮。但是兩個混合在一起就真的很妙,淡淡的水果香味跟著氣泡作開頭,結尾有略澀的口感。這組合根本就是雞尾酒了啊。

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We had 9 wines in Fortino Winery, including Chardonnay 2007, Carignan 2005, Sangiovese 2005, Cabernet Sauvignon 2005, Almond Champagne, Pomegranate, Extra Dry Champagne, Blending Pomegranate and Extra Dry Champagne, Apricot.

Sangiovese 2005. A little difference to what I had had. Smells not so spicy, and with hints of raspberries. The tannins are still young and a little harsh. I think after 1 or 2 years, it will taste much better with the smoother tannins and aromas...

Cabernet Sauvignon 2005. I did not notice which vintage it is until I found the familiar bouquet. Very similar to Robert Mondavi Cabernet Sauvignon 2005. So, I asked the sommelier, and he replied with praise. 😛    Similar floral (but not so concentrated), cherry, black berry, wood, and smoky.

Almond Champang. Almost colorless, and find and delicate sparkles. Very, very dense almond smell. While drinking, first is the bubbles, then mineral, and ends with almond palate.

Pomegranate did not impress me very much. And the Extra Dry Champagne is not impressive as the Almond Champagne. But! The blending of these two is really great and interesting. Starts with fruity and sparkling. And the end is a little harsh mouthfeel. May I call it a great cocktail?