Local Wine Tasting — VII

The same, @vinocruz.


The tasting list contains Martella Viognier 2007, Ridge Estate Chardonnay 2007, Neely Pinot Noir Holly’s Cuvee 2005, Mount Eden Cabernet Sauvignon Saratoga Cuvee 2005 and Il Cane Sangiovese 2006.

And, actually, Ridge Estate Chardonnay 2007 is my motivation for today's wine tasting. However, the other wines are also surprising.

Martella Viognier 2007

This is my 3rd or 4th Viognier. This one has elegant aroma of peach and pear, and the bright palate contains orange and lemon. It is very similar to Yalumba Viognier Eden Valley 2007, but not so concentrated and lingering.

Some people do not like the combination of creamy, oak and mineral aromas of regular California Chardonnay. Then I would like to say, try some Viognier. 😀

Ridge Estate Chardonnay 2007

This one is why I join this wine tasting. I had bought 2005 Home Ranch before, so I want to try this 2007. Besides of regular creamy, oak and mineral, it has some flower aromas. The regular smells are not "ripe", but very clear and bring a bright feeling. The taste is also good, especially the crisp acid which is well balance with the alcohol and the other hints of palates.

For vertical tasting in the future, I aslo bought one.

Neely Pinot Noir Holly's Cuvee 2005

After tasting previous Chardonnay, I must confessed that I am not so concentrated to the left wines, so I did not pay attention to what the sommelier introduced. However, after my swirling, as soon as smelling, the concentrated bouquet of strawberry with a little smoke reminded me something. I ask the sommelier to make sure whether it is from Varner, and the answer is definitely YES. (praised again  :P)

Almost the same as previous time, the special smoky told you it is a Pinot Noir, and the strawberry showed it is an incredible Pinot Noir.

Mount Eden Cabernet Sauvignon Saratoga Cuvee 2005

An interesting Cuvee. Less regular black currant, but apparent plum and cocoa instead. With hints of soil, tannins are smooth with spicy and a little smoky palate.

Il Cane Sangiovese 2006

I can not believe it is a Sangiovese! Not as spicy as normal Sangiovese, this one has an interesting and concentrated chocolate aroma, and the tastes is a little sweet, and high degree alcohol -- 15%. I would think I just had a glass of Port (or something like Port) if this is a blind taste.

After all, I love the Chardonnay and Sangiovese. And still love the interesting Pinot Noir.