Meridian 2006 Chardonnay

Meridian 2006 Chardonnay (front) (by 2 Guys Uncorked)

I hesitated for a couple of days about whether write down my tasting note about this wine or not, because it did not give me too many special impacts while drinking.

It is a quintessential and typical Chardonnay, not special. It has aromas of tangerines, pineapples and oaks, but not dense enough, not concentrated enough, not strong enough. The palates contain citrus and acid, but not well balanced with alcohol, so I got a slightly harsh mouth tasting.

(20090406 Update: The nose has a hint of smoke and tobacco)

Although Wine Spectator gave it almost 90 points and the price is inexpensive (@costco, about $12 for 2 bottles, tax included), I personally do not recommend it very much, unless you want to try some typical California Chardonnay. Do not expect it as a great bomb of Chardonnay, it is just an easy drinking or pairing bottle.