Local Wine Tasting — VIII

The same, @vinocruz.  未成年請勿飲酒

The four wines tasted today are all from Big Basin, which only grows Syrah grapes and in an organic way.

2008 Aura Rosé of Syrah

Many California Rose wines are made from Pinot Noir, but this one uses Syrah. The method Big Basin used is Saignée (bleeding).

The color is beautiful pink with purple hint. Pineapple, tangerines and mineral aromas makes me related to a Chardonnay. The palate has a crisp acidity and well balanced alcohol mouthfeel (much better than other Rose wines I'd tasted, harshly alcohol... ). Besides, the chewing mouthfeel with floral smells is really impressive.

2006 Mandala Syrah

The velvet tannins and smooth mouthfeel show that this wine is ready to drink, and can be expected for the next coming years.

Raspberry and plum with wood hint, and black berry and cherry palate. Very dense and concentrated.

2006 Syrah Fairview Ranch

I had tasted this wine a few weeks ago, but at that time, I just came back from Barrel Tasting so that I did not have many feelings about it. This time, I can taste in a better manner.

Still a young wine, the tannins is not smooth enough, especially compare to the previous wine. Black currant, wood and spices (black pepper and cinnamon).

2006 Syrah Rattlesnake Rock

Similar to the previous one, still young. The differences are that its spicy nose is smoother and more elegant, and contains more floral aromas. Lingering palate with finer tannins.

Compare all the three Syrah, I prefer Mandala for immediately drinking, and Rattlesnake Rock for the future.