Montes Alpha 2006 Cabernet Sauvignon

Montes Alpha 2006 Cabernet Sauvignon (by Phanix)

Wine Spectator 89, Robert Parker 90.


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一兩週前在 Costco 購入,扣掉 coupon 折扣,加上稅金之後約 15 米金,在台灣的話是長榮桂冠酒坊代理,定價是980新台票,個人覺得值得買入來喝。如果要查 Montes 這家智利酒莊的故事,長榮桂冠酒坊上頭以及網路上都可以找到詳細的資料,這邊就不多說了。Montes Alpha 是 Montes 酒莊中上等級的酒,品質都有一定的水準。

或許是混合了10% Merlot的關係,使得 Cabernet Sauvignon 典型的黑醋栗味道沒有那麼強烈,在杯緣可以發現些許的李子香氣,另外有著香料與煙草味。丹寧的口感算是OK,雖然已經到了建議的適飲期,但是丹寧的細緻度還有成長的空間。黑莓伴隨些許花香的味道持續一段時間,同時最後那些許的酸和甜味很迷人。

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I used a coupon to buy one bottle from costco a few weeks ago, total cost is about $15 (tax included). In Taiwan, Evergreen Laurel Collection is the agency, the list price is NTD$980, and I think it is worth to get one for drinking and admiration.

Probably the 10% Merlot makes the emblematic black currant aroma of Cabernet Sauvignon is not so strong. Plums can be found at the top, with hints of spices and tobaccos. The tannins is O.K., not very velvet, although it is ready to drink. If you keep it for one or two more years, I think the tannins will be better. The palate is black berries with floral smell hint, and lasts for a while. The ending is charming acidity and sweetness.


20090410 Update: 搭配牛排很讚。 Good with steaks