Be bothered by phone calls

I *REALLY* hate the buggy phone calls... =____=

My cellphone screamed this morning and woke me up. When I answered it, it was a crazy man shutting out a lot of four-letter words. Obviously, he dialed the wrong number, and I told him and hung it up. But, it was not over. In a few seconds, the crazy man call again, and still yelled to me.

OMG, a good sleep and morning are disturbed by a crazy man. >"<

Well, still not over. After I arrived my office, the phone screamed again. Not the crazy man again, but an advertising call instead. I hung up, after I answered and found it is an advertisement. It called again. I hung up. It called again. D**n! I decided to turn off my cellphone.  \_____/凸

I check the advertising call on Internet, it seams many people are bothered by it. (link)