White House Apologizes for Air Force Flyover

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為了要幫 Air Force One (空軍一號,即總統專機)拍照,所以美國空軍在今天早上駕駛空軍一號低空略過紐約上空,同時後面跟著兩架 F16 護航。這樣的場景除了巨大的噪音之外,或許還會讓人想到不愉快的 911?

這件事情事前通報了紐約警察局及市府(Police Department and someone in his administration),但糟糕的是紐約市長(Mr. Bloomberg)居然沒有被告知,結果今天早上市長的黑莓機跟許多機關的電話就爆炸了 XD

authorities were inundated with calls from anxious ferry passengers, office workers and residents.
Mr. Bloomberg said he was not apprised of the flyover until his BlackBerry started buzzing this morning with messages from people asking if he knew what was going on.

雖然白宮方面出來道歉了,不過一堆人(連 Obama 在內)都很怒啊 XD

上面這個 video 是路人拍的,可以聽到在說「該不會是劫機吧?」