The recent days after back to TW

Just wake up from noon break, I think I have to write down some day-to-day things.

  1. Moving
    • Because the dormitory I live will be re-furnished, I have to move to the other place for this summer, and move back after the summer vacation.
    • I decide to move stuff for winter time back to my home, so I drive about 500km/week in the past 3 weeks. Tired.
    • I hate moving... =___=
  2. Wine tasting
    • Although the price of wines in Taiwan is not as cheap as in USA, I still keep wine tasting, sharing wines with friends and hosting wine tasting activities.
    • Some whites from Rhone region are really weird.
    • Some whites from Bordeaux region have dry-salty plum aroma, very interesting.
    • I have to utilize the time for writing down the notes.
  3. Go to some place for internship.
    • That is a place you are not allowed to use 3G/GPRS/PHS cellphone, USB device, notebook, camera, etc.
    • That is a company earns more than 90% in the same industry.
    • Do not ask me how I find this opportunity. Actually, I had worked as a part-time there, and around April or May, the supervisor sent me a mail said that he had a summer internship headcount, so he listed my name.
  4. Research works
    • Three working papers and one proposal.
    • Some professors do not check email daily, even in the weekday.
    • One program project for next research topic.
  5. Prepare trips
    • I think it's hard to have a great conversation in English with another non-native English speaker.
    • Some foreigners, or I can say some people, do not check email everyday. They even check email weekly. But, if they just check weekly, why nobody answers my phone or reply my voice message?
    • Dealing with trip plan takes a lot of time.
    • I still can not decide when is O.K. for me to visit the eastern Taiwan. 🙁