Wine Tasting @ Evergreen Laurel Collection (2009/08)

After back to Taiwan, fewer wine tasting occassions I can join, that is not a good news for keeping my nose and cultivating this interest. However, Evergreen Laurel Collection co. provides wine tasting activities monthly, and this is my 2nd time. The first time is in the last month, but my tasting notes must lost in some mystery places, so I start writing down my tasting notes from the 2nd wine tasting at Evergreen Laurel Collection.

The main topic of this month is Ceretto, which is one of the largest wineries in Italy. They majorly produce so-called "3-B" wines, Barbera, Barolo and Barbaresco. Actually, Barbera is a grape variety, but Barolo and Barbaresco are regions. Ceretto is in the famous area "Piedmont (Piemonte)", northwest of Italy, founded in 1930s and bursted their business in 1980s.

Italian wines (especially the reds) usually need longer maturing time, even though new wine making technologies are applied, we still need 4 or 5 years for mature. So, most wines today are still too young. For better mouthfeel, all bottles are opened 3~4 hours before tasting.

2008 Ceretto Barbera d'Alba Piana

100% Barbera, and the vineyard is in Alba Piana. Alba is one major town in Piemonte region, and Barbera is the most common variety in Piemonte region.

This wine provides rich aromas in nose, including plum, cherry and a little bit sweet flavor. After swirling, you can find the smell of raspberries. About 30 mins later, mineral is exposed in the glass.

Deep black and red. A little bit sweet at the beginning, and ends with beautiful after acid. Young body brings a lot of tannins but not velvet.

Need more decanting time before drink (I think 5 hrs maybe OK), need more patient to wait its maturation.

2005 Ceretto Barbaresco Asij

100% Nebbiolo, which is a common variety for Barbaresco and Barolo.

Barbaresco is at the northeast of Alba, and Barolo is at the southwest of Alba. The wines from these two DOCG areas have similar noses and palates. Some people said the difference is that Barbaresco is lighter and thinner, and Barolo gives stronger tannins and body. However, I think it depends on the terrior and the vinification process.

This wine brings a higher tone aroma in the glass (compare to the preceeding one), like flowers, dark chocolate and blackberry. As time goes by, the nose turns from higher tone to lower tone, the chocolate flavor becomes more obvious.

The color is red, with slight brick hue. Good body, begins with acid and ends with sweet. Palates include blackberry and black pepper. A lot of tannins but still young.

2004 Ceretto Barolo Zonchera

Also, 100% Nebbiolo. Interesting flavor, like melt chocolate mixed with cream. Black cherry, wet grass and white pepper in mouth.

Still too young, hold.

2000 Barolo Bricco Rocche PRAPO

This one is the most tasty red today. Licorice, blackberry and bright mums (Chrysanthemum) bouquet.

Apparent brick hue, especially at the rim.

Palates are blackberry, maple sugar, white pepper, spices and orange.

Good tannins and smooth mouthfeel, can still keep for a couple of years.

2005 Monsordo Langhe Rosso DOC

It's a Bordeaux style red, including Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah and Nebbiolo (about 10%). The famous comic, 神之雫, mentioned this wine, and that makes this wine become popular in Japan and Taiwan. The black bottle also becomes one brand mark.

This wine is definitely not a standard Italian wine. Because the Italian wines need a long time to mature, Ceretto has some financial problem to pay their employees. So, they make this early matured, easy to drink and popular style wine.

Black currant, vanilla, chocolate and green bell pepper. For me, this one is good while comparing to other Bordeaux, but a little bit weird while tasting it with typical Italian wines.

2008 Ceretto I Vignaioli di Santo Stefano Moscato d'Asti DOCG

Litchi, litchi and litchi!!! Small and lasting bubbles (but not too much). The bubbles comes from the low temperature fermentation.

BTW, Taiwan is the best selling region of this wine. The reason is 茹絲葵 restaurant uses this wine, and you kwow this is a well-known dating restaurant. Besides, this wine has a nickname in Taiwan -- 把妹酒. XD

However, for me, I think Korbel Moscato desert sparkling and 2007 Donnhoff Oberhauser Brucke Spatlese are better than this one.