Hosted Wine Tasting — 05

Urrrr, the notes of preceding 4 tastings are still in the drawer. XD

Weltachs Scheurebe 2007 Pfalz

This is my first time of Scheurebe grapes. Weltachs winery uses this grape variety to make ice wine, however, I can not find the information of this wine on Weltachs website. So, I think this may be their 2nd wine. (? not so sure)

Smells a little sweet with pineapple hints. Short acidity in palate. As an easy drink, it's just O.K., but never be a good white.

Green Point Pinot Noir 2006 Victoria Valley

Hints of oak and mineral come up with black berry aromas, freshing tone. The palate contains consistent black berry flavor. The tannin is still young, a little bit thin body.

Luis Felipe Edwards Pinot Noir 2005 Gran Reserva

I think this Chile Pinot Noir is better than previous Pinot Noir from Chile. At the beginning, mint, spicies, and dense black berry aromas come out. With time passes, there are chocolate and a hint of maple sugar. The palate shows supple and matured tannin, begins with slightly sweet black berry flavor and ends with spicy flavors. Lingering and concentrated.

味道很多層次,隨著時間經過,從薄荷、香料、黑莓的氣味轉而出現巧克力與楓糖味道。丹寧熟順且已經成熟,些許甜味的黑莓口感,並帶有香料尾韻。很棒的一瓶 Pinot Noir!