Wine Tasting@Peacock


Some friends in wine tasting occasions told me about the story of "Peacock Knights" (孔雀騎士團), which is a group of wine lovers. They started wine tasting about 20+ years ago, so it maybe the oldest wine tasting group in Taiwan.

After heard about the story, I tried to find some information about this group, but all in vain. However, maybe it's the fate, I found a interesting blog while I tried to find information about a wine one day. Coincidently, the blog belongs to Jeff Tseng, the host of "Peacock Knights".

A few weeks ago, Jeff decided to start his new wine retailing business (and also some training courses and tasting occasions), and he hosted the brand opening party at the beginning of Dec. with sparkling tasting. So, I asked him for attendance on Internet, and he kindly said "yes". 😀

Well, as usual, I am almost the youngest guy in the party, and my early arrival makes me a little bit unconfortable (think about a huge room but only 5 people there... ). Anyway, the sparkling tasting is good, the opening is good, and Jeff's ambition is good.

Follows are some simple tasting notes that day. 🙂

Jane Venutra Cave Brut

Cava is the sparkling wine in Spain, and its making processes are almost the same to Champagne. Jane Venutra is an old and good winery (Well, I do not know much about it... ). Although this Cava is not outstanding, it's still good enough. You can still find the fine bubbles in the glass after half an hour, but the bubbles do not last very long. The flavors contain basic nuts and lemon, and good ending.

Mailly Demi Sec

Grand Cru Champagne!! Apple and citrus. Small and fine bubbles last. Some people at the party said Brut is much better than Demi Sec, but I did not have the chance to taste it. Pity.


The bubbles are rougher, but the after acidity with citrus flavor is joyful.

Trapiche - strawberry flavored sparkling

An Argentina winery. Well, strawberries. The acid palate is a little bit rough at the beginning, but turns to smooth in mouth after a few seconds. And the after palate is also good, from sweet to acid.

Abbazia Muscato Puglia

The region is Puglia, an IGT in Italy. Elegant litchi, peach and a hint of honey flavors. Here is some intro.

Vilmartif Brut

Premier Cru. Domaine Ste. Michelle. Smooth bubbles and citrus flavor. Great after dry. (y)

Delamotte Blanc du Blanc Brut 1997

Apple, lemon, pineapple and light cheese!

Beringer California Collection White Zinfandel Sparkling

You can buy this wine in many hypermalls in Taiwan. Raspberry.

Bottega - Petalo IL Vino Dell’Amore Moscato

Region: Euganean Hills

The same, a muscato, but this one is an old wine, about 15 yrs old. The bubbles are almost shed during the long time preservation, but the flavor is still concentrated, wild and strong. Compare to the previous one, this one is not so elegant in flavor.

玫瑰氣泡酒是用產在Euganean Hills的多汁葡萄位於義大利的東北方,而在Padua 這個地方以種植玫瑰和蘋果聞名。因此在花季之時會有蜜蜂傳送蘋果和玫瑰的微妙香氣,隨之而來的酒都會帶有一些玫瑰和蘋果的香甜味,這也就是玫瑰標籤的由來。這瓶酒是產於2個知名具有浪漫氣息的愛情城市威尼斯和維羅娜(Verona~羅蜜歐與茱莉葉的故鄉),因而稱之為《愛情的酒》。

Henriot 1996

Light gold with green hue. Nut, apple, grapefruit, orange juice, pineapple, and incredible cheese!! This one is the best that night.