Wine Tasting@Peacock [2009.12.12]

The 1st official wine tasting of Peacock.

Before we start, I should write down some introductions of Spain wine classification. There are 4 levels of region classification, just like France and Italy, include Messa(?), Tierra, D.O. and D.O.C.A. Amoung these classifications, D.O.C.A. is a new classification and is defined and ruled in these years. There are only two D.O.C.A. regions, one is Rioja, and the other is Penedes.

Besides of region classifications, there is one the other classification about wine preservation, includes Joven, Crianza, Reserva, and Gran Reserva. Joven means the wine is buttled after fermentation, very similar to Beaujulle Neuveo. Crianza means at least one year in barrel and at least one year in bottle before release. Reserva means at least 1 and 2 years in barrel and in bottle before release respectively. The Gran Reserva is the best level, it needs at least 2 years in barrel and 3 years in bottle before release. Spain wines are always released after years of preservation, so most of them are ready to drink when you grab them from the shelf.

NV Jane Ventura Cava Brut

I had this in Peacock's opening. This sparkling is made by 30% Macabeu, 30% Xarello, and 40% Parellada. All grapes are local variaties, and clutivated in Penedes region (northeast of Spain).

Macabeu provides the acidity, Xarello provides the sugar, and Parellada enrich its flavor.

Light gold color, and the bubbles are just like what I had last time. Apple and grapefruit flavors in nose, and the taste turns into lemon tone. Besides, there are white flowers, fig and nuts in nose.

This time, it does not give me a joyful image like last time, but brings a charming and elegant girl while having it.

西班牙東北角的 Penedes 產區是加泰龍尼亞省最重要的產區之一,本產區被地中海和山地所包夾,屬於典型的地中海型氣候,夏季炎熱乾燥,冬季溫和;葡萄樹、橄欖樹和杏仁樹是這裡最常見的作物。日照充足又少雨的氣候型態讓 Penedes 有潛力生產品質優良的葡萄酒,而且不僅出產一般紅白酒,同時也是 Cava 氣泡酒的最種要產地。Jane Ventura 是本產區一家族經營的該水準酒莊,於 1914 年就開始從事葡萄酒事業,並在 1980 年代後半開始專注於生產高品質的葡萄酒。

Jane Ventura 的產品除了多款紅酒、白酒、玫瑰紅酒之外,也有生產相當美味芳香的 Cava;他們的 Cava 甚至被西班牙最著名的葡萄酒指南評鑑為最好的 Cava 之一。

Jane Ventura 2006 Vinya Palfuriana

60% Ull de Llebre (i.e. Tempranillo) and 40% Merlot. 15 days fermantation in tanks and 4 months in oak barrels.

Black berry jam and cherry in palate. The taste starts from sweet, then turn to acid, and ends with after sweet. Trace of tannin, but not very supple, still need some time.

Jane Ventura 2003 Mas Vilella

100% Cabernet Sauvignon.

Black berries, lower tone floral, chocolate, and hint of honey and vanilla. After palate spicy and acid. Still young, and need more time to mature. Not a strong Cab., but warm and solid.

Caraco Serrano 2006 Joven

From Jumilla D.O., 60% Monastrell (i.e. Mouvendre), 20% Syrah, 15% Cabernet Sauvignon and 5% Petit Verdot.

Deep ruby color. Plum, black berry, cran berry and brown sugar. The flavor is powerful and just like a young boy. I think this special characteristics is contributed by the 60% Mouvedre, which is a variety with strong flavor and dense taste. However, this wine's flavor and plate decades after 20 mins. Well, it's just a Joven, but it is decent for a joyful dinning occasion.

BTW, many people think Petit Verdot is originated from France, but it's actually from Spain. :p

西班牙的艾米塔之家(Casa de Ermita)公司創立於1999年,專注於生產西班牙Jumilla產區的葡萄酒,同時也是該產區的佼佼者與開路先鋒。創辦人Pedro Jose Martinez Marin先生出身於當地的農業家族,精通圖刨種植與釀造工程,同時也因為其精湛的學識和資歷,讓他得以積極參與西班牙的農業政策,並催生了Jumilla法定產區的成立。有感於Jumilla產區優異的葡萄酒生產潛力,促使他創立這個公司的計畫。Jumilla產區位於西班牙東南部,土壤和氣候對生產葡萄酒相當有利,Casa de Ermita擁有多個葡萄園與酒莊。

Caracol Serrano 2004 Crianza

Similar to the previous one, but Crianza level. 60% Monastrell, 20% Tempranillo and 20% Cabernet Sauvignon. Young but introverted (compare to the previous one), galenical, wallnut, black berry and cran berry. As time goes by, dry fruits and wet soil and pickled plum. I love this one, because it display two different styles.

Pico Madama 2004

I think it should be Reserva level, because it was in oak for 13 months and was just released in these years.

50% Monastrell (matured in American Oak) and 50% Petit Verdot (matured in French oak). American oak gives stronger wood flavor, which balance the strong fruity aroma of Monastrell. Lighter oaky Frehch barrel can bring out the flavors of Petit Verdot.

Blace berry, black currant, mineral, licorice, cats' fur. The flavors turns into cinnamon and flowers.

Ramos-Pinto 2006 Duas Quintas Tinto

葡萄牙Ramos Pinto九場是擁有一百多年歷史的波特酒廠,在1880年由Adriano Ramos Pinto創立。由於其優異的品質,受到法國香檳名廠Louis Roederer青睞而成為其下的產業之一。

波特酒的產地是在葡萄牙斗羅河(Douro)的上游地帶,這個產區也生產一般未經加烈方式釀造的葡萄酒,尤其紅酒的部分近年來受到全世界愛酒人士的高度矚目。Ramos Pinto因此也生產一般紅酒,酒名Duras Quintas Tinto Reserva是最高檔的酒款,使用自家兩處頂尖莊園Quinta de Ervamoira 和Quinta dos Bons Ares的葡萄釀造;Duas Quintas正是葡萄牙文「雙園」的意思。

80% Touriga Nacional (small fruit & thick skin), 15% Touriga Franca, 5% Tinta Barroca. Pepper, cherry, black berry, black currant, floral, licorice and spices.

Ramos-Pinto 2004 Duas Quintas Tinto Reserva

80% Touriga Nacional, 15% Touriga Fanca, 5% Tinta Barroca.

Lower tone flavor. Jammy black berry with blue berry and musk hint. Still young (tart mouthfeel). Very acid while drink it, but turn into sweet finish. Very flavor and very attractive.