First Impressions of Bruges / 布魯日的第一印象

The city of middle ages, the city of Gothic architecture (歌德式建築).

After hours flying (and eating and sleeping), the flight finally landed in BRU. Because I did not do any survey and planning, I just walked to the car renting counter to get one car to start my trip in Belgium.



Well, not the preceding two. XD

↓ This one, actually.

After hours driving, it is Bruges. My first impression of this old city is, "OMG, am I in a town of a video game?". The buildings are so cute~~~

This old city keeps the old Gothic style architecture and modern public installation art works.


As an important sight spot, it's not surprising there are a lot of carriages!!!

Well, most of streets in the old town area of Bruges are tiny and brick-built, and a mass of travelers there, so carriages are probably the best transportation in Bruges, besides of feet and bikes.

In addition, Bruges was very close to the ocean a long long time ago, so it was a city of water transporting importance, and there are many watercourses in this city. Rightly, the boat is another important transportation.

Next would be "the history of Bruges"...