Damme, small and charming.


During the walking city tour of Bruges, the tour guide notified there is a small and cute village named "Damme" near Bruges. He recommended me to visit there as he knew I rented a car for traveling.

So, on the day leaving Bruges to Namur, I visited this small village. All the way to Damme is RIVER and TREE TREE TREE TREE... a lot of TREES... Monotonous, but very freshing and joyful while driving through these trees~ 😀

However, as I was getting close to Damme, there're many travelers and cars heading into the village. The police officers even enforced traffic restrain. I was wondering why there is a crowd.

After I pulled my car in a place by the road and walked into the village center, I found there is a fair.

That's why so many people are gathering in this small village. Records, CDs, paintings, and Booooooooks!



Every city has as least one church, and Damme is not the exception. The church in Damme is not so large. However, as sun lights shed into the church through glasses, you probably have the feeling of God or some other holy stuff. Anyway, quite solemn and stunningly beautiful. 🙂

In front of the church's entrance, there is a large tower. The purpose of this tower is not so traceable, at least I asked the ticket seller, but he also knew nothing about the tower. The tower is made by bricks and stones, but most of the stairs are make by woods (only a few are made by stones).

The helix stairs look beautiful in the cooler tone color temperature. 😛

After hundreds of stairs, this charming village and great country scenes are presented.


Next stop is Namur.