Chateau Pibran 2005 & Ironstone Obession Symphony 2007

Had Cru Bourgeois red and very interesting and impressive white in a dining occasion with friends.

Before tasting, I checked information about Chateau Pibran 2005 on Internet. Some wine lovers suggest about 2 hours breathing, and I decide to follow their suggestion and pour before dining. Such information also makes me expect more for its flavors and tastes after breathing.

Ironstone Obsession Symphony 2007
Symphony, it's a new grape variety which is the cross between Muscat and Grenache Gris. I think, all over the world, there may be less than 50 wineries using this variety to make wine. Very impressive and gratifying flavor in the beautiful gold color. Litchi, honey, apple, citrus flavors, and sugar cane hint. Grapefruits (turn into pomelo later), apple, mineral and honey on palate with a little bit bubble mouthfeel. Very easy to drink, and I think it's also a good match with light-seasoned seafoods. More impressive than the next red wine. :p

Ch. Pibran 2005
Chateau Pibran is a Cru Bourgeois in Pauillac region. Its wine was not so famous, but there's a big change after AXA group bought it in 1987. In that year, besides of Chateau Pibran, AXA group bought Chateau Pichon Baron (2nd growth). Therefore, Chateau Pibran gained a lot of wine making resources from Chateau Pichon Baron and had significant improvements in the follow years. The most interesting thing of this chateau is they use more Merlot than Cabernet Sauvignon in their wine (In left bank of Bordeaux, Cabernet Sauvignon is more common). Before breathing, chocolate, spicies, black berry, black mushroom and a little bit oak hint. After breathing (yes, it really takes 2 hours), a little bit floral smell and sweet raspberries spread out (but not very strong). Strong body, but not as strong as typical left bank wines. Tannin is still young, and becomes velvety after breathing. This wine really needs time to wake it up. Although its appearance after breathing is still below my expectation, I still think this red wine is good.