Bordeaux 1st growth of 1855 Classification

R0017566 (by Phanix)


Although 2001 is not a good vintage, these five grand crus are still wonderful. However, after this tasting, I think 2001 vintage is ready to drink. Of course, keeping is still O.K., but must take extra good care of this vintage, because I think this vintage is more fragile.

Chateau Haut-Brion

R.P.: 94.

Haut-Brion is the oldest among these five chateaus, its history can be traced back to 500+ years ago.

Among these five chateaus, Haut-Brion has the lightest color, attractive ruby.

At the beginning, green pepper, but disappear in 30 minutes. Plums, raisins, hay, dry soil. Then turn into nuts, chocolates, orange, black berries, light strawberries and flowers gradually in the following 2 hours.

Light orange acid palate with chocolate and mineral notes. Tannin is matured and very velvet.

Chateau Margaux

R.P.: 93.

sweet black cherries and light raspberries and strawberries. Turn into pomegranate and flower nose in about 1 hour. And caramel and chocolate and fresh mint noses appear. Besides, very interesting, the floral nose keeps up and down repeatedly, very beautiful and attractive.

Strawberries and light spicy in the palate. Very elegant and balanced mouthfeel. Lingering and sweet.

Chateau Latour

R.P. 95.

Some residues. Strong flavors from the beginning to the end. Light black cherries and black berries. mint and grass. black dry mushroom. caramel, chocolate. Flowers. Berries notes turn to sweet tone after 1 hour. Light dried guava hint (about 2.5 hours).

Chocolate and black berries palate. Dense. Full body, very strong.

Chateau Mouton Rothschild

R.P. 89

Light at the beginning, turn to strong and complex gradually. Dry date, chocolate and coffee. green pepper, black cherry and plum. As time goes by, floral sweet and caramel appear. The dry date nose disappears in half way, but comes back again. smoky hint.

black cherry, chocolate and light raspberry palates.

Chateau Lafite Rothschild

R.P. 94

Some residues. Dark. Strong nose. Full body. light maple sugar, chocolate, black pepper, cinnamon. Flowers.

Black currant, cinnamon, black cherry, licorice, spices, raisin palates.

Domaine Jean Collet et fils Chablis 1er cru Vaillons 2007

This one is a bonus.

Blond with green hue. peach and walnut. The acidity is smooth, not sharp. Very balanced and very easy to drink.
R0017568 (by Phanix)

Rocca Cerrina Moscato d'Asti

This one is still a bonus, but I forgot the vintage. litchi and longan.
R0017569 (by Phanix)

Over All

Chateau Margaux is my favorite, then, Mouton, and Haut-Brion. They represent a elegant and classy lady, a versatile young man, and a simple and rustic old farmer, respectively. Latour and Lafite are also good and very lingering, but their consistent flavor sometimes make me feel dull and boring.