Bourgogne Grand Cru – 03 – Louis Latour Grand/Premier Cru

2010/7/2, @孔雀



Louis Latour Beaune "Vignes Franches" premier cru 2006

Soil and hay at the beginning. And perfume aroma with light smoky hint.

Around 1 hour to reach its zenith, and shows sweet cherry and fresh green tea notes. The palate starts with cherries and ends with smooth acid mouthfeel.

Louis Latour Chassagne-Montrachet "Morgeot" rouge premier cru 2006

The first four wines are young and quite similar in nose and palates, but this one is definitely the most outstanding.

Still light soil and cherries in nose at the beginning, but turns into pomegranate very soon. Around 1 hour, it shows light chocolate aroma. And 20 more minutes past by, a very fabulous and concentrated honey nose appear. That's incredible and so lovely.

Cherry and light roselle tea in the palate.

Louis Latour Nuites-St.-Georges "Les Crotes" premier cru 2005

At the beginning, besides of soil hint, the sweet floral nose is attractive. Black berries and light black mushrooms.

Good acidity and ripe plum palate.

Louis Latour Chambolle-Musigny "Les Charmes" premier cru 2002

Wood and wet soil nose. Turn into cherries, pomegranate, light floral, and licorice.

It shows mild and well structured licorice and black pepper noses and palates for a long time, even these flavors are not very strong.

Louis Latour Chambertine "Cuvee Heritiers Latour" Grand Cru 2003

Fresh cherries with light corn hint at the beginning. Turns into coffee and chocolate.

Although this is a Grand Cru, I am not surprised by its nose and palates. Actually, the nose and palates are very good, well structure, and lasts for a long long time. The umamiable price (around USD$300!!!) might be the reason. :p

Louis Latour Clos de Vougeot Grand cru 2007

Good wine (but also a little bit weird).

Soil and grasses. Flowers, black mushrooms and chocolates. But there is a pickled vegetable nose after 2 hours. This kind of aroma usually appears in a aged wine, but for this 2007 vintage wine... I am totally confused. @_@a