Angels’ Share

直接拿橡木桶存酒的人應該最怕遇到這個 XD

前幾天在朋友的 plurk 上看到有人多年前買的一整個橡木桶的威士忌在前一陣子打開之後只剩下幾公升,所以大家都說這天使太會喝了,所以去找了一下這個詞"Angels' Share",這樣的命名果然是很有趣啊。

"Angels' share" is a term for the portion (share) of a wine or distilled spirit's volume that is lost to evaporation during aging in oak barrels. The barrels are typically French or American oak. In low humidity conditions, the loss to evaporation may be primarily water. However, in higher humidities, more alcohol than water will evaporate, therefore reducing the alcoholic strength of the product. In humid climates, this loss of ethanol is associated with the growth of a darkly colored fungus, Baudoinia compniacensis, on the exterior surfaces of buildings, trees and other vegetation, and anything else that happens to be nearby.

威士忌之類的烈酒遇到 Angels' Share 應該還好,但如果是葡萄酒可能就會氧化嚴重了吧?