Mailly Grand Cru

Mailly 超好喝,不虧為 Grand cru!!
雖然說後來喝過 Salon 之後覺得 Mailly 雖然貴為 Grand cru 但是還是明顯輸了一截 XD,不過還是先來把這篇 Mailly 補完。

2010/9/1, @孔雀


Brut-Reserve NV

Many lasting small bubbles. Apple and honey hint in nose. Pineapple in palate.

Demi-sec NV

More and larger bubbles, compare to Brut-Reserve, but a little bit sharp in mouth.
Tangerine and light peach flavors. Peach sweetness and light citrus acidity in palate.


Blanc de Noir NV


Many small bubbles. Blonde with very slightly pink hue.
Maple sweet, rose floral nose, dried date, raisin, dried plum and peach hint.
In palate, honey, dried date, plum, peach, and maple sweet.

Mailly's vineyards are quite large, but most of grapes they cultivate are Pinot Noir. So, you can find a Blanc de Noir (white from black) easily, but hard to find a Blanc de Blanc. Actually, Mailly has one "Exception Blanche", but it is only produced in very good vintage.

Brut Rose NV

Beautiful pink, quite like salmon pink.

Bubble quality is the same as Blanc de Noir NV.

Black cherry and black berry nose. Palate is also similar, but there're some other tastes, such as licorice and tangerines.


Les Echansons Brut 1998

Very small and smooth sparkling bubbles.

Floral and honey nose, concentrated.
Fresh mineral and mint palate, and beautiful honey.

L'Intemporelle Brut 2003

Corn, honey and banana (skin) nose.
Lingering citrus acidity, I love it. 😀

Le Feu Brut 2000


This one is my most favorite. Beautiful blonde / gold color. And tiny, continuous bubbles.
Dried tropical fruits and honey nose.
Corn, honey, mineral and almond palate, with great honey hint at the end.