Bourgogne Grand Cru – 01 – Domaine Arlaud Pere & Fils, Domaine d’Ardhuy

2010/5/6, @孔雀。算是正式踏入 Bourgogne Grand Cru 的開始,當然總是因為有一些原因才踩入的,這就以後再寫吧。
另外,喵的,五月的東西拖到現在,真是懶惰到一個極致... 我要振作來整理筆記 *握拳*
謎:其實還有拖更久的... (爆)



Domaine Arlaud

[column width="47.5%" padding="5%"] This domaine is originated during 1940s as Joseph Arlaud met his wife-to-be, Renée Amiot, in Bourgogne (I think WWII was still on going that time). Their wedding was in 1949, and in a beautiful vineyard. Thanks for this brilliant vineyard, so that we have nectared wines for every joyful moment. Joseph kept his nursery work before devoting himself to be a winemaker in 1970.

Before his full time winemaker career, he had acquired a wine cellar in Nuits Saint-Georges for wine making in 1966. This magnificent 14th century cellar becomes the emblem of the wine label after this expansion deal.

Hervé Arlaud took over from his father in 1982, and purchased new plots to enlarge Domaine Arlaud. Hervé works today with his three children, Cyprien, Roman and Bertille, who joined him in 1997, 2003 and 2004, respectively.
[/column] [column width="47.5%" padding="0%"] Domain Arlaud 這個酒莊起於 Joseph Arlaud 在 1940 年代在 Bourgogne 區遇到他老婆 Renée Amiot (這時候應該還在打第二次世界大戰)。他們的婚禮於 1949 年在一個漂亮的葡萄園中舉行,感謝這片葡萄園讓後人有 Domaine Arlaud 的瓊漿玉液可以享用。不過 Joseph Arlaud 在 1970 年之後才全心投入酒莊工作,在那之前他仍有護理人員的一份正職。

Joseph Arlaud 在 1966 年時為了擴張酒莊規模而買下載 Nuits Saint-Georges 的一個酒窖,這個建立於 14 世紀的酒窖變成為 Domaine Arlaud 的著名logo,在酒標上頭都可以看到。

Hervé Arlaud 在 1982 年接手他父親的工作,同時也更擴張了酒莊規模。現在 Hervé 的三個兒子 Cyprien, Roman, Bertille 也分別在 1997, 2003, 2004 年加入酒莊工作的行列。
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Bonnes Mares Grand Cru 2006

This wine is just 4 years old, but it already shows some brick color at rim. The color of center is beautiful ruby, but lighter than Clos St. Denis Grand Cru 2006.

Elegant aromas include coffee, incense, and some cranberries. Velvet and smooth mouthfeel, well-structured. The palate is quite synchronized with the nose.

Bonnes Mares wine region includes 13.5 hectares in Chambolle-Musigny and 1.5 hectares in Morey-Saint-Denis. The production is about 56k bottles per year, not a large amount.

Clos St. Denis Grand Cru 2006

Similar color to bonnes Mares, but denser ruby color at the center.

Fresh grass, wet soil and strawberries. The humid nose decreases with time passing by, and turns into straw matting aroma. Besides of similar flavors and aromas, the palate also contains a little bit black pepper.

Clos Saint-Denis wine region is located in Morey-Saint-Denis, about 6.6 hectares (5.99 in 2008), and produces about 32k bottles (27k in 2008). [Ref 1, 2]

Doimaine d'Ardhuy

[column width="47.5%" padding="5%"] This domaine is located in the most south part of Cote de Nuits, and Clos des Langres is their single own estate.

Domain d'Ardhuy has 42 hectares of vineyards, includes 7 grand crus, 15 premier crus, 14 village vineyards, and 2 appellation region vineyards. Their Corton "Clos du Roi" is loacated at a slope with 300m~320m altitude and facing to southeast.
[/column] [column width="47.5%" padding="0%"] 此酒莊位在 Cote de Nuits 的最南端,而 Clos des Langres 這片葡萄園更是他們獨有的招牌。

此酒莊約有 42 公頃的葡萄園,其中有 7 個 grand cru, 15 個 premier, 14 個村莊級, 2 個 aoc級,而他們的 Corton "Clos du Roi" Grand cru 位在面向東南海拔約 300~320公尺的陡坡上。
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Clos du Vougeot Grand Cru 2006


Sweet palate with black pepper hint and light salty flavor.

Nose: Mint, raspberries and pomegranate. Turns into sugar-pickled plums and straw matting.

Clos de Vougeot wine region is located in Vougeot, about 506 hectares (!!!), and produces 200k bottles per year. Although it provides such large amount, its price is never cheap due to its good quality.

Corton "Clos du Roi" Grand Cru 2006


Interesting raw peanuts nose, and it turns into peas and dry soil about 2~2.5 hrs. Earthy and mineral style.

Palate includes black berries, cinnamon, mandarin medicine, dry soil, and, yes, PEANUTS! Peanuts decreases after 2.5 hours.

Very good structure, concentrated nose and dense palate. But some friends do not like peanuts aroma, so... 😛

Corton wine region, located in Aloxe-Corton village, is a grand cru of both red and white wine in Bourgogne. It covers about 94.78 hectares, and produces 400k bottles in red and 21k bottles in white per year. (in 2008, Ref.)

Corton "Clos du Roi" Grand Cru 2004


light raspberries, flowers, creamy. 2hrs breathing to its peak, and decays after 2.5 hrs.

Slightly tart, sugar-pickled plum, light caramel.

Mr. Tseng said Corton red wines usually reach their peak in 6~8 yrs. I think he is right, because this wine really decays obviously after 2.5 hrs.

Corton "Puget" Grand Cru 2006


Nose: raisin at the early beginning. Berries.

Palate: Light salty, orange and fresh mineral water.

Also decays after 2.5 hrs.
I think this one is not as rich in nose as the other two Corton, but more interesting in palate.
These 3 Corton wines give me an image of grand land - soil, flowers, salt, and agriculture plants.