W2酒坊 Bourgogne 免費試飲月筆記

比較算是速飲紀錄,都是 Domaine Michel Picard 的酒,會持續補到月底。


Bourgogne 2006 Recolte du Domaine Voarick

(image from http://blog.xuite.net/iamowl/wineblog/32262706)
Recolte du Domaine Voarick means "harvest in Voarick vineyard".

Clear medium ruby with garnet hue.

Clean medium sweet raspberry fruity nose with grass and light black pepper note.

Off-dry, light-medium tannin, light acidity, light-medium body palate. Include raspberry, forest, grass. Medium length.

Givry 2007 Recolte du Domaine Voarick

This is a village class Bourgogne from Givry region, which is the smallest village in Chalonnaise. Givry covers about 219 hectares of vineyards. and 90% of Givry wines are Pinot Noir. About 1/6 vineyards in Givry are premier crus, but no Grand cru here. The Givry red wines were reportedly the favorite of Henry IV.

Nearby vineyard, so similar style to the previous one.

clear medium ruby.

clean medium sweet cherry and raspberry with chocolate hint.

dry, medium tannin, light acidity, light-medium body, medium length. Strawberry palate, with wood note, and shows light caramel at the end. After short time breathing, some anise and soil. Some alcohol can be sensed at the end, not so balanced, need more time for maturing.

Gevrey-Chambertin "Les Cazetiers" Premier cru 2002

clear medium garnet

clean medium sweet matured nose with chocolate, strawberry, light pickled squash, licorice, coffee and caramel.

off-dry, light-medium matured tannin, light acidity, medium body, lingering length. Coffee, anise at the end, lingering caramel!!

Gevrey-Chambertin 2006

Village level. Quite similar to previous premier cru, but lighter nose and palate. Still good, but feels boring after the premier cru.

Puligny Montrachet 2007

village level.
Light beautiful straw color.
Interesting creamy oak barrel flavors. I may mis-recognize it as a lighter version of California Chardonnay. However, I think this creamy oak note is a little bit too over, so that the typical Bourgogne mineral note can not presented perfectly. Slightly chewy mouthfeel.

Mersault "Les Corbins" 2005

Medium blonde.
Light smoky, light citrus, dried prune, dried starfruit, light mineral, light honey note.

Pomard 1er cru "Le Clos Micot" 2006

Medium ruby.
Nose and palate are dominated by spices, a little bit wild at the beginning, but turn to mild after a few minutes breathing. The spicy aroma is well balanced with the red fruits, wood and soil flavors.
Medium+ body. The young tannin covers the whole mouth, I think it needs 3~5 more years for maturing.

Vosne Romanee 2006

Although this is only a Village class Bourgogne, it shows the value of Romanee commune.
Beautiful ruby color. Dry black mushroom, violet, black cherries, juniper, fresh dry grass, and spice notes.
Very smooth and well structured in mouth. Awesome!

Chambolle Musigny 2006

Medium garnet color. Fresh grass, eucalyptus leaves, black cherry, spices.
Medium to high acidity. A little bit sharp spicy palate, need a few minutes to soften and brings out black fruits, fresh grass, soil and chocolate.

Volnay 2005 Premier cru

Medium ruby.

Medium nose begins with black cherry, chocolate, oak, fresh grass, and spices. After a few minutes breathing, it shows light strawberry hint and light vanilla aromas.

Dry, medium body with a little bit dense tannins and slightly high acidity. Palate is dominated by the black cherry, strawberries, chocolate, spices, and elegant wood flavors.

Good price. Very balanced.

To sum up, Michel Picard shows a style of easy-to-drink and early-to-drink Bourgogne style. Besides, the price of their wines are not too expensive, compare to some other large wineries. However, in my opinion, the best buy items include the Chavery Chambertin Premier Cru, the Mersault "Les Corbins", the Pommard Premier Cru "Le Clos Micot", and the Volnay Premier Cru. The Vosne Romanee village is good, but you know, the rarity always makes the price surge.